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We offer the most trusted binary options guide online. Discover winning tips and strategies, find impartial broker reviews from professional traders and read about the bad brokers you need to stay away from. If you're looking for help making money online with binary options, we know a broker for you. However, with such a vast number of Internet broker websites, it's hard to know where to begin.

That's where can assist. Our team of trading experts seek out the very best sites from thousands available, saving you time and also money. We thoroughly test these sites and our binary options experts have helped find the top brokers that you can deposit with.

Our guides mean you don't need to endure hours searching for safe, licenced and fair online brokers. Instead you can get stuck into great online trading in next to no time at all, knowing you'll be getting a solid welcome bonus, reliable customer support and a monster selection of assets to trade.

In this online guide we share our knowledge of binary options trading so you:

  • Discover the very best binary options brokers and start trading right-away
  • Realise the best welcome bonus offers and get the best deals available to you
  • Establish a healthy and profitable options trading career and make money online
Rank Broker Bonus Payout Rating Deposit Start Trading
1 IQ Option Logo 100% 92%
2 Boss Capital Logo 100% 91%
$100+ Visit Broker Coming Soon
3 Top Option Logo 75% 89%
$100+ Visit Broker Coming Soon
4 Banc de Binary Logo 75% 87%
$250+ Visit Broker Read Review
5 24option Logo 65% 86%
$250+ Visit Broker Coming Soon

Trusted Online Brokers

Choosing a broker can be a daunting prospect for many traders as researching the reputation and services can be time consuming. It is important that your chosen broker is trustworthy, recommended, experienced and provides excellent customer service. You will rely on your broker to connect you with trading markets and the best brokers will offer impressive levels of support, educational facilities and trading tools, enabling you to be as successful as possible.

We take great care to assess brokers to ensure that they meet or exceed our expected levels of services and offerings in order for them to be reviewed in our binary options guide and qualify on our comparison table. We test each platform to ensure that we can confidently attest to a site’s usability, return on investment, benefits, reliability and reputation.

Using our online comparison, you can confidently review the best online brokers and decide which platform suits your specific requirements. You will be able to quickly determine which company offers the greatest benefits whilst being assured that we have confirmed that the broker meets the promises that they advertise. Most brokerage platforms offer a variety of benefits to those using their site and these often include:

Big Bonuses

Bonuses are usually offered in the form of free money and added incentives for initial deposits, continued use and referrals. This money can be used to increase profit, experience and knowledge of the broker platform.

Educational Tools

Offered by the best brokers, educational tools ensure that you continue to develop your knowledge and gain increased success. Through online lessons, emails and tips, varied expert knowledge is consistently offered.

Asset Range

A good broker will introduce you to a wide range of assets to enable varied trading. This means that you will be able to increase your experience levels and recognise new trading opportunities with ease and enjoyment.

Great Support

The best brokers offer exceptional customer service, constantly accessible support, trading tools and strategy advice for traders to tailor increases in their achievement potential.

Expert Broker Reviews

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Reliable Asset Trading

It is possible to buy and sell almost anything in binary options trading and as such, the potential for entertaining market activity is great. Some of the most exciting parts of options trading is the variation of assets available and the potential speed of return.

In order to bring you consistently reliable information, we take great care in reviewing the market, available assets and potential returns at all times. We minimise your research time by providing you with first-rate knowledge and binary options expert advice tailored to your experience level and investment size.

We are relied upon by many to bring market information, asset strength and vulnerability advice and guidance. In doing so, we encourage further success for you and overall greater asset knowledge. Here are the range of assets you can trade.


Stocks are an exciting binary option trading type as the huge variety enables you to choose the stocks most relevant to your interests. Stock trading is one of the most popular types of market activity and this extends to binary stock options, which continue to attract traders of varying levels of experience and investment sizes.


Currencies attract traders of all experience levels and are one of the most commonly traded assets in binary option trading. This form of trading relies on you comparing two currencies and determining whether one will be stronger than the other at a set time in the future. Because currencies move quickly, this form of binary option trading is very exciting and relatively simple.


Trades of this type are considered to be relatively low risk and predominantly revolve around the commodities of gold, silver and oil. You are likely to favour commodities if your attitude to risk is moderate and you are keen to diversify your assets and generate a consistent profit.


Trading in this type allows you the opportunity to divide your investment over multiple stocks instead of one specific option. The chance of return is great and indices are an ideal way for experienced traders to continue having fun in their market interactions.

Binary Options FAQ

What exactly are binary options?

Essentially they are tradable assets ranging from currencies to commodities and more. Your part is to asses where an assets price will move to during a set time frame based on a strategy method and then make a stake on that prediction. This action is referred to as call or put and forms the basis of all trading.

How popular is this form of trading?

Binary options have shown to be very popular and the industry is growing fast, this year in particular has seen record trading volume. This is mostly because this type of trading is very simple compared to others, like Forex trading. The possible payoffs and risks are also extremely transparent.

Are there legal issues with binary trading?

You just need to be of age to start options trading, this can change depending where you reside but it is normally 18+. You also need to pay any taxes on your profits. The other legal standpoint involves the brokers themselves and whether they are licensed to operate in the country you reside in. We only show brokers whom are legally allowed to work with you.

Can I use a local currency to deposit with?

Sure, the top trading sites will allow you sign up and make trades using your local money and offer fair and up-to-date exchange rates. The currencies traders like to deposit with include USD, EUR, CAD, GBP and AUD and many more.

Is online options trading secure?

Absolutely, all the online brokers we promote are fully licensed and regulated. Be that ASIC, CySEC, REGAFI, FCA, CONSOB or BaFin to name a few jurisdictions. This means they have passed a strict set of rules and guidelines to be able to operate. Additionally, we review these brokers and test every aspect of their business operations to guarantee that you’ll be a happy customer.

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